Timeline 1975 to 2000

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Key events - 1975 to now




The controversial decision to establish a Pregnancy Advisory Service is made.



4 October

Statewide Neonatal Emergency Transport Service (NETS) is established and based at the hospital.



17 October

First woman gives birth in the hospital's Family Birth Centre.



23 June

Australia’s first ‘test tube baby’, Candice Reed, is born at the Royal Women’s Hospital.

10 December

Professorial Unit in Obstetrics and Gynaecology opened by the Minister of Health.

1984 - 1986



Industrial unrest including participation in the Victorian nurses’ strike lasting 50 days.




Program established to provide assistance to pregnant women with an identified alcohol or drug dependency.



19 June

The hospital's Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA House) opens in a terrace house in Cardigan Street, Carlton.



1 February

Management of the private wing of the hospital, Frances Perry House, is contracted to Mayne Health for 20 years.




Evening antenatal clinic established to cater for working women.

First patient representative appointed.




The hospital's Department of Anaesthesia initiates an Acute Pain Service.

Opening of clinic catering for pregnant teenagers.




Department of Perinatal Medicine established.




Casemix funding system introduced to Victorian public hospitals.

1993 - 1994



Transfer from hospital-based to tertiary training of midwives. The last group of midwives, trained at the Royal Women’s Hospital, graduates in November 1993. The hospital collaborates with La Trobe University in offering a one year Graduate Diploma in Midwifery.




Development of the hospital's Well Women’s service.

The Royal Women’s Hospital becomes the first public hospital in Australia to be accredited as a Baby Friendly Hospital by UNICEF/WHO.

The Women’s first capital campaign raises $1.6 Million matched by the then State Government to build a 22 bed oncology unit.

1 August

Formation of the Women’s and Children’s Health Care Network, incorporating the Royal Children's Hospital and the Royal Women's Hospital.




The hospital's Family Accommodation Service commences.

A Multiple Pregnancy Clinic is established.

29 April

35 babies born during the day - a new record for the most babies born in a 24 hour period.




The hospital's Family and Reproductive Rights Education Program (FARREP) is established.

Publication of Dr Janet McCalman's social history of the Royal Women's Hospital, titled 'Sex and Suffering'.

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