Phototherapy at home - equipment setup

This video shows you the equipment you need, and how to set up and use it.

Here’s all the gear you need. Some of this, you’ll be borrowing from us:

  • Phototherapy white light-box, cable and light-pad
  • Orange power box
  • Disposable, soft cover for light-pad

…and the rest, you’ll already have, like the cot and blankets.

Some things you may need to buy, like a thermometer. You can buy a thermometer like this at most chemists. 

Unpack all the equipment from the container. Start by placing the power box and the BiliSoft light-box on a firm surface. It needs to be close enough for the black cable to reach your baby’s cot. 

Slide the light-pad right into the disposable BiliSoft pad cover. Make sure that the light-pad faces upwards. This is the side of the pad that goes against the mattress and this is the side of the pad that should lie along your baby’s back. The wrap-around closure tabs need to be at the back of the light-panel.

Plug the BiliSoft light-pad into the BiliSoft light-box by gently pushing the black cable into the connection. You will feel it click into place. 

Dress your baby in just their nappy so that plenty of light can get to baby’s bare skin. Connect the power plug of the biliblanket power source to the safety box. Plug the power adapter safety box into a powerpoint on the wall and switch it on. Switch on the biliblanket power source. The blue light should now be working. 

Place your baby on the light-panel. Make sure your baby’s head is above the light-panel. Wrap the straps of the BiliSoft pad cover around your baby’s stomach and chest. They should be tight enough to hold the light-panel in position comfortably.

You can place other blankets over the top of, or around your baby if needed. 

The power unit doesn’t run on batteries, so you need to have it plugged in to household power during treatment. And you need to be home for the whole treatment time. 

For safe sleeping, remember to follow safe sleep guidelines, and always place your baby on their back, with their head uncovered, at the foot end of the cot. 

Important contacts

If you cannot get in contact with your visiting nurse or midwife, you can get advice from:

  • The Maternal and Child Health Line on 132 229 available 24 hours a day throughout Victoria
  • Nurse on Call on 1300 60 60 24 for advice

If there is an Emergency, please call 000


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