Women’s Alcohol & Drug Service (WADS)

Providing medical care, counselling and support to women with complex substance use and dependence, assessment, and care of infants exposed to drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. 

WADS is the only state-wide drug and alcohol service providing specialist clinical services to pregnant women with complex substance use dependence.

We utilise a multidisciplinary team approach to advance their health and well-being and the medical needs of their infants. Our support is further enhanced through the provision of secondary consultation, including a 24 hour on-call addiction/obstetric service. 

The service also offers training targeted to acute and primary health services and the community sector.


  • Addiction medicine
  • Drug and alcohol counselling and assessment
  • Midwifery and pregnancy care
  • Paediatric care
  • Assessing and caring for babies with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
  • Infant Home Based Withdrawal Program
  • Methadone Stabilisation Program
  • Mental health assessment
  • Nutritional care
  • Pharmaceutical advice and assessment

Clinical inclusion

Pregnant women with complex substance use


9:00am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday. There is also a 24 hour on-call addiction/obstetric service. 


There is a duty worker on each day from 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday who can receive referral calls and undertake screenings of potential patients.  Screenings determine whether a woman is accepted into the clinic, or whether she would be suitable for Team Care Management.  The screening will also determine whether the woman’s care could be managed in a maternity hospital where she is geographically based.


Please complete and fax the Fast Fax Referral form to our service.


Appointments are managed through WADS. Details will be sent directly to the patient and the referrer will be notified.