Clinical guidelines

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Our clinical guidelines present statements of best practice based on thorough evaluation of evidence.

Access the Clinical Guidelines below.

A short and concise statement that sets out the Women’s official position on an aspect of the organisation’s activities. Includes a directive policy statement that articulates how the Women’s will implement legislative, regulatory, best practice, contractual or operational requirements.

A more fulsome statement that directs consistent practice by providing the minimum standard required to meet the Policy requirements.

Detailed mandatory direction as to how the Policy and Framework will actually be implemented into the Women’s operating environment. Provides staff with the necessary guidance to achieve the policy outcomes.

Systematically developed, evidence-based statements to assist decision-making in defined area.

May means the action is optional.

Should means the action is recommended but is not mandatory.

Must means it is a mandatory instruction and there is a penalty if the action is not carried out.

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