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Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The Women’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025 is our roadmap.

Our four key strategic directions are:

  • We provide leading care for women and newborns.
  • We partner to create exceptional experiences every day.
  • We are the best place to work, learn and contribute.
  • We lead and partner to influence change.

View or download: Strategic Plan 2022-25.

Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2024

We walk with First Nations peoples in a movement for a better future.

Through our second Reconciliation Action Plan, we aim to:

  • strengthen relationships and partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, consumers, staff, volunteers, organisations and stakeholders
  • promote culturally safe practices across our organisation to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people receive high quality, accessible, and culturally appropriate care
  • increase and improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment opportunities and provide a culturally safe workplace for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and volunteers.
  • increase our collective understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, customs, and identities. 

View or download: Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2024.

Disability Action Plan 2022-2025

Our Disability Action Plan provides a framework for how we will increase access and inclusion for people with disability.

In our second Disability Action Plan, our four key areas of focus are:

  • Service access: we will partner with people with disability in the design of our services and facilities to ensure user-friendly, women-centred healthcare and workspaces.
  • Changing attitudes and behaviours: we will tackle the direct and indirect discrimination and stereotyping that women and staff with disability experience.
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities and experiences: we will ensure our recruitment and selection processes are inclusive and barrier free, that we work to attract and retain talented and skilled people with disability, and we build the capacity of our people managers to advance inclusive workplace practices.
  • Inclusion and participation: we will ensure our marketing, consumer health information and digital information is accessible, inclusive and promotes positive and diverse representations of people with disability.

View or download: Disability Action Plan 2022-2025 and Easy English version - Disability Action Plan 2022 - 2025.

Environmental Management Plan 2022-2027

This plan sets out the actions we will take to achieve the following targets for the hospital's operations:

  • net zero carbon emissions by 2030
  • having 100% of the Women’s energy supply met through renewable energy source from 2025 onwards
  • the elimination of natural gas consumption from 2025 onwards
  • diversion of 80 per cent food waste from landfill by 2030
  • eliminating fleet emissions from 2025 through fleet conversion to hybrid / fully electric vehicles, and
  • ensuring that all of the Women’s policy, strategy and procurement decisions consider sustainability, when they are reviewed.

View or download: Environmental Management Plan 2022-2027