Digital Moderation Procedure

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Rules of use

The Women’s encourages open and respectful discussion on all its digital platforms.

By posting content and/or joining a discussion on any of the Women’s digital platforms (including our social media accounts, websites and other platforms) the person posting agrees to abide by the following Rules of Use: 

  • Be polite and treat others with respect, including moderators.
    • Do not post comments or other content, including videos and images, that are deemed to be defamatory, discriminatory, incite hatred or violence, or  are obscene or unlawful.
    • Do not post comments or other content that includes inappropriate, hateful, abusive, aggressive or threatening language, imagery or other content.
    • Do not post content that infringes copyright.
    • Do not post comments or other content that promotes incorrect or inexpert health advice or information.
    • Do not post content that is promotional or commercial in nature.
  • Protect your personal privacy and that of others by not including personal or identifying information about yourself or others (including names, email addresses, phone numbers).
  • Content that expresses a strong view or opinion but does not breach the above Rules of Use will not be moderated.
  • However, content that does not meet the Rules of Use may be deleted, hidden or otherwise managed without notice.
  • The Women’s reserves the right to ban or block those who breach these Rules of Use on any digital platform operated and managed by the Women’s and to turn off the comments function on any of our channels at any time without notice.
  • In some cases, the Women’s may ask the content author to modify or edit their comment or post. If the author does not do so promptly, the Women’s may hide or delete their comment.

Health advice

The Women’s is unable to respond to individuals seeking health or medical advice through its social media accounts or website. Posts or messages asking for information about health and medical conditions or advice and treatments may not be responded to; if we do respond, the author will be referred to a GP or medical practitioner.


Complaints made through our digital platforms may be acknowledged but we will always ask the author to contact our Consumer Liaison team so it can be properly recorded and actioned. For more information, see our Feedback webpage.

Hours of moderation

Comments and posts are only moderated during business hours (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday).