Early medical abortion - clinical pathway

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Medical abortion can be safely offered to pregnant people up to 63 days gestation who have made an informed, voluntary choice for an abortion and: 

  • have an intrauterine pregnancy
  • have had a caesarean section
  • have a multi-fetal pregnancy
  • are obese
  • have uterine abnormalities, including fibroids
  • have positive STI pathology and have commenced treatment
  • wish to avoid surgical intervention
  • are currently breastfeeding
  • have available supports, can access emergency care and be active in post-procedure follow-up
  • are able to commence MS2Step at or before day 63 gestation.

Please refer to the Early medical abortion procedure summary and clinical guidelines below

For safe and effective care

  • Establish accurate expectations for normal pain and bleeding associated with administration of MS2Step
  • Pre-load with medications prior to misoprostol administration and in the first 24 hours
  • Provide written information of expected symptoms
  • Provide written information of symptoms that require review with an action plan
  • Follow-up is important to assess wellbeing and resolution of the pregnancy.

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