Baggarrook midwifery care

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Aboriginal mother and baby

Baggarrook means ‘woman’ in the Woiwurrung language. At the Women’s, our Baggarrook midwives are a team of three midwives who provide maternity care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Why choose Baggarrook midwifery care?

With Baggarrook midwifery care, one midwife will care for you during your pregnancy, birth and after the birth. There are other Baggarrook midwives available to provide ‘back up’ if needed. The Baggarrook midwives work closely with our Aboriginal Health team from Badjurr-Bulok Wilam, to provide you with the care and support that you need. Our Baggarrook midwives are ‘on call’ and you can contact them if you have any questions or concerns. 

What if your needs are complex?

If you have complex health or pregnancy needs, you can still choose Baggarrook midwifery care. Your Baggarrook midwife can provide your pregnancy care together with other specialist services and will be on call for your labour and birth. They will also care for you after the birth.

How does Baggarrook midwifery care work?

You can choose to have all of your pregnancy care at the hospital or if you prefer, share the care with your community health provider such as the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS).

If you choose the Shared Care model, some pregnancy appointments will be at the hospital and others will be with your community health provider. The Baggarrook midwife will be available when you visit the hospital for pregnancy appointments and be on call for your labour and birth. They will also care for you after the birth.

Baggarrook Gathering (yarning circle)

The Baggarrook midwives run a monthly yarning circle called Baggarrook Gathering. It gives new mums and mums-to-be a chance to meet other Aboriginal families. Women come together and talk about pregnancy and birthing, as well as sharing and exploring cultural birthing experiences. The Baggarrook midwives also run a monthly ‘Meet your midwife’ evening, so you can meet all of the midwives in the team.

How can you choose Baggarrook midwifery care?

If you or your baby identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and would like to be cared for by the Baggarrook midwives, your GP or health provider should fax your referral to (03) 8345 3036 marked ‘ATTENTION: Red Team Baggarrook Caseload’. You can also discuss this or other options for your pregnancy care with your hospital midwife or doctor at your first pregnancy appointment.