Pharmacy education & training

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The Women's provides a dynamic and structured program for educating pharmacy students and intern pharmacists in pharmacy practice specialising in women's health and the newborns. Speciality clinical areas include high risk obstetrics care, gynaecology, oncology and neonatal intensive and special care. 

Intern Pharmacist 

The Women’s pharmacy department offers two intern pharmacist positions for a 48 week period.

The interns program assists the development of professional skills and competencies in all aspects of pharmacy. The program includes regular tutorial sessions run for all interns, to ensure that key clinical and practical topics are covered over the year.

Intern pharmacists are rotated to all areas of pharmacy service, working closely with our experienced pharmacists. Extensive assistance is available for both the written and oral registration exams.

As part of the pharmacy team, each Intern is allocated a vital role as a member of the Adverse Drug Reaction or Medication Safety committee.

Pharmacy students - Professional Experience Program

The pharmacy department accepts pharmacy students from various universities, as part of their practical experience programs.