Partnership Programs

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On this page, you will find information about a variety of programs created to meet the learning needs of different professionals.

Programs support the education of:

  • Maternal Child Health nurses

  • Rural Urgent Care nurses

  • Medical interns

  • Private practice midwives

  • Nurse/midwife Educators

  • Rural and regional midwives seeking clinical placement, and more.

These programs were developed with our partners on the maternity continuum, or those who may be involved in an unexpected birth.

To discuss your next maternity education program, reach out to the Women's Maternity Services Education Program (MSEP) team.

Phone: (0) 8345 3920

Maternal Child Health Nurse (MCHN) Partnership

The MCHN Maternity Update is an online program that aims to refresh knowledge and review recent evidence-based practices in postnatal care for mothers and babies in Victoria.

Its objective is to help reduce the gap between care providers, especially from early discharge in hospital to the community setting. This program is undertaken in partnership with the Women's lactation consultants.

Maternity Connect Partnership

A collaborative partnership between MSEP and Maternity Connect to support clinical education needs for rural and regional midwives, in preparation for clinical placement activities.

For more information regarding the Maternity Connect Partnership, please visit: Western Health website

Murray to Mountain (M2M) Partnership

An annual workshop in rural and regional services in the northeast of Victoria. It is facilitated by MSEP in colloboration with the Medical Intern Program - University of Melbourne and Goulburn Valley Regional Training Hub.

Participants include first year medical interns and/or medical students on rotation in Level 1 - 4 services. This workshop provides a didactic update combined with practical workstations and simulation relevant to normal birth and maternity emergencies.

Private Practice Midwives (PPM) Partnership

A yearly workshop facilitated online for private practice midwives (PPM) nationally.

Program content has been developed in collaboration with the lead liaison for PPM in Victoria and includes an update regarding the management of maternal and newborn emergencies.

Rural Urgent Care Nursing program (RUCN) Partnership

This program is for Urgent Care Nurses working in rural and regional services, to enhance their skills to manage an unexpected birth or newborn resuscitation. 

The program is facilitated by MSEP in collaboration with Alfred Health. It includes a variety of online modules followed by a face-to-face practical skills workshop facilitated in various rural settings in Victoria.

Victorian Maternity Educator meetings

Virtual meetings hosted quarterly by MSEP in collaboration with Maternity Educators from Level 2 to Level 6 services.

The aim of this initiative is to provide an opportunity for professional development, networking, and shared learning regarding maternity education in Victoria.