New visitors policy

Due to the current exposure and outbreak issues in Victoria and NSW, all hospitals in Victoria have been directed to tighten their visitor policy. 

We know this will be disappointing for many people but we ask for your understanding during this difficult time.

We hope you understand and we appreciate your support.

Visitor policy

The following visitor policy applies at the Women's in Parkville and Sandringham, Frances Perry House and Level 2 private suites:

  • Newborn Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery – 2 people per day. Can be parents/guardians no time limit. One hour time limit for visitors (child or adult) during visiting hours: 2pm - 8pm.
  • Birth Centre – 1 partner/primary support person during labour and birth – no time limit.
  • All maternity wards – 2 people per day. Can be partner/designated support person no time limit. One hour time limit for visitors (child or adult) during visiting hours: 2pm - 8pm.
  • All other wards – 2 people per day for one hour only, can be child or adult.
  • Outpatient clinic and imaging appointments - 1 partner or support person can accompany the patient. Please note: partner/support person may be asked to leave the clinical room or waiting area due to space restrictions. 
  • Day Surgery – Patients only. Partner or support person can drop patient at Day Surgery but cannot wait in the hospital. They will receive a phone call when patient is ready to be collected from the hospital.
  • Women’s Emergency Care (WEC) – 1 partner or support person, no time limit. WEC waiting area is limited so partner/support person may be asked to wait outside.
  • Screening – Every person seeking entry to our hospitals in Parkville and Sandringham will be screened. Find out more about screening.
  • Masks – Anyone gaining entry to our hospital is required to wear a single use surgical face mask (distributed at screening points). Watch our video showing how to wear a face mask safely.
  • Deliveries – Sorry, still no external delivery people will be admitted for food or flower deliveries at this time.
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