Projects - Centre for Family Violence Prevention

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The Centre for Family Violence prevention is currently involved in the below projects:

SUSTAIN: Exploring through a case study approach the sustainability of screening and response to family violence in antenatal care. More info: SUSTAIN study.

Antenatal Family Violence screening for women who do not speak English: streamlining antenatal screening for family violence in multiple languages.

System Audit Tool: Development and testing of a new hospital wide system audit tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the Strengthening Hospital Response to Family violence. More info: System Audit Tool.

NSW Evaluation of Screening in Emergency Departments: A domestic violence screening pilot project across six emergency departments in NSW. More info: NSW Health Screening Tool for Domestic Violence.

ANROWS Voices: A project to understand the journeys of help-seeking for both victim survivors and those who use violence. More info: ANROWS Voices.

UNCOVER: A deep dive into women’s experiences of psychological violence, including emotional abuse and coercive control and how survivors want health professionals to respond to them. More info: UNCOVER.

The Health, Wellbeing & Relationships Project: A study involving 11,465 Victorian nurses, midwives and carers about their experiences of family, domestic and sexual violence and associated health and employment impacts. More info: The Health, Wellbeing & Relationships Project

Workplace Support Evaluation: Qualitative interviews with managers after they had been trained to support staff experiencing family, domestic and sexual violence.

Beyond silence: A mixed-methods project which aims to understand women's experiences of intimate partner sexual violence and develop a world-first trauma informed website for support. More info: Beyond silence.

Beneath the surface: Digital storytelling project of health professionals own experience of family, domestic and sexual violence and what supports they need. More info: Beneath the surface.

I-DECIDE: Implementation of an online healthy relationship tool and safety decision aid for women experiencing domestic violence into existing practice in the north west region.

Better Man: Pilot of an online early intervention tool for engaging men who use violence to seek help. More info: Better Man.

Qualitative evidence synthesis: The Centre is building the capacity of clinicians by undertaking a meta-analysis of qualitative studies of what barriers health practitioners experience identifying and responding to family, domestic and sexual violence. Four clinical midwives have been undertaking this work and will develop a publication in 2023.

Reproductive Coercion: Qualitative study of how staff respond to reproductive coercion and what women would like staff to address.