Our People

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the  gynae-oncology team
The Women's multidisciplinary gynae-oncology team

Associate Professor Orla McNally 
Director, Gynaecology Oncology
Director Gynaecology Tumour Stream VCCC
Gynaecological Oncologist

Mr David Wrede
Consultant Gynaecologist
Lead for Dysplasia

Professor Clare Scott
Medical Oncologist

Dr Deborah Neesham
Gynaecological Oncologist

Dr Tony Richards
Gynaecological Oncologist

Dr Toni Jones
Gynaecological Oncologist

Dr Matthew Wakefield
Senior Research Fellow

Estefania Vicario
Clinical Research and Data Lead
Clinical Data Analyst

Julie Silvers
Research Nurse

Patricia Wojtowicz
Research Nurse

Briony Milesi
Research Project Officer