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2016 Prof Suzanne Garland speaks about the largest international evaluation of the human papillomavirus vaccine; ‘Jabs punch cancer virus; Gardasil success shown’.
Herald Sun, Author: Brigid O'Connell, 30 June 2016.
2016 Prof Suzanne Garland profiled in media coverage for Women’s Day 2016; ‘Just what the Doctor ordered’ - Melbourne women who continue to be trail blazers in the areas of research, IVF, emergency care and surgery.
Herald Sun, Author: Catherine Lambert, 05 March 2016.
2015  Emma Callegari "Vitamin D and bone status in young women", *E Callegari, SM Garland, N Reavley, S Hartley, A Gorelik, A Kale, JD Wark on behalf of the YFHI and Safe-D study groups, Melbourne Health Research Week, 28 May – 4 June 2015, La Trobe Lecture Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. Won ‘Best Oral Presentation – Global Research’
2015  Lina Happo, best poster presentation in the category of women's health at the University of Melbourne MD student conference 1st July 2015 
2012  Best Poster – Assessing the effectiveness of the human papillomavirus vaccination program in Victoria, Australia, Poster No.57, Presentation Type:  IUSTI Poster Theme:  IUSTI – Epidemiology (Non HI), Awarded the IUSTI (International Union Against Sexually Transmitted Infections) E Young, J Brotherton, S Tabrizi, M Pitts, D Gertig, J Wark, Y Jayasinghe, SM Garland, ‘Bronze Prize’ for highly commended in the poster presentations, on the occasion of the 13th IUSTI World Congress, Melbourne 2012. 
2010  NHMRC-funded research on “Infectious Diseases Research in Reproductive Health: Particularly of Women and Babies" was selected to appear in the 2010 edition of NHMRC’s 10 of the Best Research Projects book.  
2009  Best poster award – “Natural history of genital warts: analysis of the placebo arm of 2 randomised phase 3 trials of a quadrivalent HPV 6, 11, 16, 18 vaccine.” International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD) World Congress, September 2009.
(SM. Garland, M. Steben, H. Sings, M. James, R. Railkar, E. Barr, R Haupt, E. Joura for the FUTURE I and II trials study groups) 
2008  Study award – "Squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva: HPV detection and its correlation with p16INK and p53 overexpression." The 3rd Intercontinental Congress of Pathology, Barcelona, 17-22 May 2008.
(B. Lloveras, M. Alejo, J. Ordi, A. Vidal, O. Clavero, J. Klaustermeier, N. Guimerà, M. Vergara, X. Vallès, SM. Garland,  HR. Shin, J. Salmerón, E. Kasamatsu, A. Cubilla, E. Cruz, CY. Chou, E. López, G. Hernández, EJ. Domingo, A. Nessa, E. Kestler, A .Jain, V. Mandys, S. Tous, R. Font, W. Quint, N. Muñoz, S. De Sanjose, FX. Bosch) 
2007  Outstanding Contribution to Research in Sexual Health Medicine Award. The Royal Australasian College for Physicians. Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine; Inaugural award. October 2007 
2007  Acknowledged in "WHO’s WHO of Australian Women" – listing achievements in Infectious Diseases. 27 April, 2007 
2005  Awarded the Woodward Medal of Distinction, The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. Annual General Meeting and in recognition of "Contribution to The Royal Women’s Hospital and to the health care of women and babies in infectious diseases throughout Australia, Asian Oceania region" – September 2005
2004  Awarded NHMRC Practitioner Grant Fellowship in "Infectious Diseases Research in Reproductive Health: Particularly of Women and Babies"