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Current Projects

PLUS+S – Preventing Lung Disease Using Surfactant + Steroid
Omar Kamlin,  Brett Manley,  Chris McKinlay,  Sue Jacobs,  Lex Doyle,  Peter Dargaville,  Susan Donath

The Provide Study – The Impact of Protein IVN on Development
Barbara Cormack,  Sue Jacobs,  Frank Bloomfield

The Baby-DUCC Study - The Baby-Directed Umbilical Cord Clamping Feasibility Study
Douglas Blank,  Omar Kamlin,  Sue Jacobs,  Marta Thio,  Jennifer Dawson,  Kevyn Nyland,  Alicia Dennis,  Graeme Polglase,  Stuart Hooper,  Peter Davis

The SAIL Trial – The Sustained Aeration of Infant Lungs
Haresh Kirpalani,  Peter Davis,  Marta Thio-Lluch,  Louise Owen

The DOLFIN Study - Description of Lung Ultrasound from Initial Neonatal Transition
Douglas Blank,  Omar Kamlin,  Lisa Fox,  Sheryl Rogerson,  Stefan Kane,  Graeme Polglase,  Stuart Hooper,  Peter Davis

The ProNose Study – A randomised trial of a nasal barrier dressing to reduce nasal trauma in very preterm infants receiving CPAP treatment
Brett Manley,  Jennifer Dawson,  Peter Davis, Dilini Imbulana,  Jane Baile

PAEAN - Preventing adverse outcomes of neonatal hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy with erythropoietin
Helen Liley, Sue Jacobs, PAEAN Trial Co-Ordinator

The Neo-ICog  Study  - Studying the neonatal immune and coagulation systems
Christiane Theda,  Marcel Nold,  Claudia Nold,  Chun Wang Jason Lao,  Steven Cho,  Ina Rudloff,  Jingyuan Shi

The impact of the life trajectory of extremely low gestational age neonates on moral distress of healthcare essions within Neonatal Intensive Care Units (MoDaLiTy:  Moral Distress and Life Trajectories)
Trisha Prentice,  Lynn Gillam,  Peter Davis

Epigenetic effects of preterm birth and neonatal interventions - The EpiPrem study
Christiane Theda,  Jeffrey Craig,  Peter Davis

CONSENT Study - Parental opinion of retrospective consent in neonatal research
Louise Owen, Jennifer Dawson, Omar Kamlin, Peter Davis

Victorian Infant Collaborative Study (VICS)
Lex Doyle, Jeanie Cheong, et al

SPOT-On - Parental responses to infant transfer from a level 3 to a level 2 hospital neonatal nursery – before and after the implementation of a transition program (SPOT-on: Strategies for parents of premature babies On Transfer - Moving on)
Rochelle Lester, Shanti Petronzio, Frances Thompson-Salo, Jennifer Dawson, Angela Reilly, Christine Lim

Nasal High-Frequency Oscillation to Improve Respiratory Stability of Preterm Infants:  A Randomised Crossover Study - (The Wiggle Study)
Christoph Rüegger, Laila Lorenz, Louise Owen, Susan Donath, Brett Manley, Omar Kamlin, David Tingay, Peter Davis

TASTE Trial – TAste and Smell to Enhance Nutrition
Friederike Baker, Vicki Clifton, Luke Jardine,  Sue Jacobs, Emily Twitchell, Peter Davis

Regional ventilation characteristics of the infant lung:  A prospective observational cohort study of modern respiratory support practices
David Tingay, Peter Davis, Louise Owen, Omar Kamlin, Christoph Ruegger, Elizabeth Perkins, Olivia Farrell and Jessica Thompson

Measuring the increase in exhaled carbon dioxide in spontaneously breathing infants at birth (The RISE in Exhaled CO2 Study)
Douglas Blank, Omar Kamlin, Kevyn Nyland, Jennifer Dawson, Stefan Kane, Graeme Polglase, Stuart Hooper, Peter Davis

Neurodevelopmental outcomes of later preterm infants:  correlation with neuroimaging
Jeanie Cheong, Lex Doyle et al.

Neurobehavioural development of infants born <30 weeks’  gestational age between birth and two years of age and their parents’ psychological wellbeing
Alicia Spittle, Peter Anderson, Lex Doyle, Jeanie Cheong, Nisha Brown, Rod Hunt, Carl Kuschel, Lara Shekerdemian, Amanda Wood, Michelle Goldsworthy

Gait biomechanics in ex-preterm adolescents with developmental co-ordination disorder: a pilot study
Jeanie Cheong, Noel Lythgo, Alicia Spittle, Katherine Lee, Lex Doyle

Effects of the medical environment (practice location) and clinical experience on the approach to the monitoring, workup and management of apnea of prematurity
Jenni Sokol, Peter Davis, Sally Murray, Jane Fisher, Margaret Bearman

Perceptions and experiences of medical and nursing trainees working and learning in the neonatal intensive care unit
David Tingay, Risha Bhatia, Peter Davis

Investigating side-lying bottle feeding for preterm infants receiving respiratory support
Jennifer Dawson, Sue Jacobs, Peter Davis

High flow v CPAP in non-tertiary centres (HUNTER Trial)

Brett Manley, Peter Davis, Calum Roberts

Developmental outcomes and rates of early intervention at 2 years in infants born extremely preterm or extremely low birth weight from The Royal Women's Hospital
Jane Orton, Alicia Spittle, Jennifer McGinley

SANE: School age outcomes in children with moderate and severe neonatal hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy
Sue Jacobs, Jeanie Cheong, Lex Doyle

Epigenetics and Prematurity
Christiane Theda, Peter Davis, Lex Doyle, Jeff Craig, Mark Cruickshank

Telomere Health in foetal development and prematurity
Christiane Theda, Peter Davis, Lex Doyle, Jeff Craig, Ngaire Elwood 

Cord clamping study: Early versus delayed umiblical cord clamping and its effects on infant heart rate and oxygen saturation in the first minutes after birth - The TOCC Study

Dr Omar Kamlin, Dr Jennifer Dawson, Professor Peter Davis, A/Prof Mark Umstad, Ms Karen Moffat

A randomised controlled trial of respiratory function monitoring during stabilisation of preterm infants at birth - The MONITOR Study

Omar Kamlin, Marta Thio-Lluch, Jennifer Dawson, Peter Davis

Open trial investigating minimally invasive surfactant therapy - The Optimist Trial

Omar Kamlin, Peter Davis, Louise Owen, Ajit Aiyappan, Peter Dargaville, Carl Kuschel, Sue Jacobs

A comparison of different round masks for intermittent positive pressure ventilation in preterm infants prior to intubation- The MASK study

Dr Lorraine McGrory, Dr Marta Thio, Dr Louise Owen, Dr Omar Kamlin, Dr Jennifer Dawson, Prof Peter Davis

Epigenetic effects of preterm birth and neonatal interventions - The EpiPrem study

Christiane Theda, Dr. Jeffrey Craig, Peter Davis 

Isolation and characterisation of breast milk stem cells - The Breast Milk Stem Cell Study

Bill Kalionis, Christiane Theda, Peter Davis, Shaun Brennecke, Susan Jacobs, Lisa Amir

Improving child and parent outcomes after preterm birth using a web-based early intervention program - The e-PREM Trial

Karli Treyvaud, Peter Anderson, Lex Doyle, Alicia Spittle, Katherine Lee, Gehan Roberts, Jeanie Cheong, Susan Jacobs, Rupendra Shrestha, Peter Davis, Deborah Schofield, Abbey Eeles, Parool Shah