Patient participation

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Although most women enjoy a trouble free pregnancy and delivery, some women may experience complications, such as miscarriage, preterm labour, high blood pressure, poor fetal growth, diabetes and difficult or prolonged labour.

Unfortunately, we do not always know what causes many of these complications or how best to prevent to treat them.

A way to help future generations

We know that what happens during pregnancy and childbirth can have a large impact on the subsequent lives of both the mother and her baby. By taking part in one of our studies, you may be able to help other women who experience pregnancy complications and also help future generations have the best possible start to life.

How can you help us?

We invite women who have a trouble-free pregnancy and women who have complicated pregnancies to participate in our studies so that we can compare the two groups. You can help us by considering participation in one of our studies if approached by one of our clinical research midwifes, students or clinical staff.

It's your choice whether you join in a study. If you decide not to participate in a study, your care at the hospital will not be affected in any way.

Participation in the study could involve donating:

  • your time in completing a questionnaire
  • your placenta
  • a blood sample
  • a small sample of tissue (a biopsy) if you are having an operation