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November 2014 - Awarded in Toledo Spain, for presentation at the HHMT 13th International forum on Ovarian Cancer. Awarded to Valerie Heong

May 2014 - The Stewart Prize – Excellence in Postgraduate Nursing. Awarded to Amy Haberfield Registered Nurse Div 1, 5 North - Gynaecology & Cancer Service

May 2014 - Jean Smith Prize for Excellence in Women’s Health Nursing. Awarded to Gemma Steel, Associate Unit Manager, 5 North (Gynae/Cancer)

Research Funding in 2014

Research Nurse Support - funding received from the Women’s Cancer Foundation. Chief investigators / AI: McNally O, Quinn M, Neesham D.

Clinical Trial Management Scheme - funding received from the Cancer Council of Victoria. Chief investigator / AI: McNally O.

Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS) - funding received from the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre. Chief investigator / AI: Quinn M.

Research Nurse Sample Collection - funding received from WEHI Laboratories. Chief investigator / AI : McNally O.

Hormone Receptor Study - funding received from the Women’s Cancer Foundation. Chief investigator / AI : McNally O.

Immunity in Ovarian Cancer - funding received from Monash University Department of Immunology. Chief investigator / AI: Quinn M.