RWH PRC 30th Anniversary Conference

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Royal Women’s Hospital
Pregnancy Research Centre

30th Anniversary Online Conference

Held 17-18 March 2023

Thank you for your interest in our RWH PRC 30th Anniversary Conference

we had an outstanding line-up of local, national and
international past and present PRC colleagues and collaborators
presenting their work relating to human pregnancy


Friday 17 March 2023 9am -  12.30pm

Prof Shaun Brennecke RWH, Melbourne Welcome and Introduction
Prof Helena Parkington Monash, Melbourne Hard labour-potassium channelopathies contribute to failure to progress in labour
Prof Kathy Liu Guangzhou, China Multi-omics studies of the myometrium in human parturition
Dr Padma Murthi Monash, Melbourne Recent insights into placental functioning in human pregnancy
Dr Bill Kalionis RWH, Melbourne Extracellular vesicles as diagnostics and therapeutics in human pregnancy
Dr Cameron Nowell Monash, Melbourne Optical Imaging and Bioimage Analysis for Biomedical Research
Prof Manu Vatish Oxford, UK Syncytiotrophoblast-derived extracellular vesicles as effectors of vascular pathology in preeclampsia
Prof Nihay Laham- Karam Kuopio, Finland Next Generation Viral Vectors for angiogenic gene therapy
Dr Hannah Yong Singapore Investigating the role of IL6R and its signalling in inositol-mediated regulation of fetal growth

Friday 17 March 2023 1.30 pm -  5pm

Prof Jon Hyett Sydney, NSW Early pregnancy screening
Prof Stefan Verlohren Berlin, Germany The current role of the sFlt-1/PIGF ratio test in the management of pre-eclampsia
Prof Laura McGee London, UK Antihypertensive treatment in pregnancy
Prof Peter Von Dadelzen London, UK The PIERS model for preeclampsia
Prof Eric Moses Hobart, Tasmania Multi-omics dissection of a complex disorder: An ongoing journey with preeclampsia
Prof Christopher Redman Oxford, UK Preeclampsia: Where to next?
Dr Penny Sheehan RWH, Melbourne Progesterone and human parturition
Prof Andrew Sheenan London, UK Managing preterm birth following caesarean section damage
Dr Julia Unterscheider RWH, Melbourne Fetal growth restriction: Past, present and future

Saturday 18 March 2023 9am -  12.30pm

Assoc Prof Max Schmid Vienna, Austria Navigating the World of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
Assoc Prof Ricardo Palma-Dias RWH, Melbourne Screening for congenital anomalies
Prof Mark Umstad RWH, Melbourne How clinical research is debunking the myths of monozygotic twinning
Assoc Prof Rob Cincotta Brisbane, Qld Twin to twin transfusion syndrome
Prof Fabricio da Silva Costa Gold Coast, Qld Preeclampsia and Twins
Prof Christopher Redman Oxford, UK The Dawes-Redman CTG analysis system: A medical perspective
Ms Beth Albert Oxford, UK The Dawes-Redman CTG analysis system: A midwifery perspective
Dr Tom Cade RWH, Melbourne Are all people with gestational diabetes created equal?
Assoc Prof Joanne Said Western Health, Melbourne Antenatal corticosteroids: Current controversies
Prof Shane Higgins Dublin, Ireland The Active Management of Labour and Rising Caesarean Section Rates - Are there Lessons to be Learned?

Saturday 18 March 2023 1.30 pm -  5pm

Prof John Higgins Cork, Ireland Health Innovation Hub Ireland: Impact, Opportunities and examples
Prof Emily Callender Sydney, NSW The importance of considering equity and efficiency in maternity care
Prof Christine East Latrobe, Melbourne Evidence and practice: a journey, not a destination
Assoc Prof Stefan Kane RWH, Melbourne  Reappraising Risk in Pregnancy
Dr Gabriel Jones Oxford, UK Artificial Intelligence and fetal welfare assessment
Dr Jim Parker Sydney, NSW Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): An Evolutionary Adaptation to Lifestyle and the Environment
Prof Sant-Rayn Pasricha  WEHI, Melbourne Alleviating anaemia in pregnancy in developing countries
Prof Ben Mol Monash, Melbourne Medicalisation of pregnancy: Are we over-acting?
Prof Shaun Brennecke RWH, Melbourne  Wrap up and conclusion