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The Social Model of Health research team is exploring the below projects:  

Cornelia Program 

Evaluating the long-term health and wellbeing outcomes for women and babies who have participated in this program, which supports pregnant women experiencing homelessness. For information about this program, see: The Cornelia Program.

Social Work

Exploring the care and experiences of women who have experienced pregnancy loss, have accessed late-term abortion care, or are gynaecology patients with a history of trauma.

Mental Health

Researching the effectiveness of the Women’s antenatal psychology program in building skills for new mums around anxiety and mood management, and in forming attachments with their babies.

Family Violence

Embedding and evaluating antenatal family violence screening for women who do not speak English, and implementing and evaluating Family Violence Clinical Champions and Contact Officer Programs.

Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service (WADS)

Investigating the long term outcomes for women and babies involved in this service. The WADS service provides medical care, counselling and support to women with complex substance use and dependence, and assesses and cares for babies exposed to substance use during pregnancy. For more information about this service, see: Women's Alcohol & Drug Service (WADS).